MEP Anthea brings Pickles to Hereford  

Local MEP Anthea McIntyre expressed delight that Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government accepted her invitation to visit Herefordshire on Thursday and Friday, 1 March 2012.

During his tour, Mr Pickles visited the Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas and the Hereford Cattle Market site development at Edgar Street, Hereford.

(Anthea McIntyre with Eric Pickles MP and Ray Stone, Chairman of Rotherwas Enterprise Zone)

He also met members of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership and was the keynote speaker at Herefordshire 2020 ‐ A Vision for the County, a Conference organised on behalf of Herefordshire Business Board, the Marches LEP, Herefordshire Council and Visit Herefordshire at The Courtyard and he held a number of other meetings with key-stakeholders.

Before the visit Anthea McIntyre MEP said "I am delighted that Eric Pickles is coming to see for himself the progress that is being made on a number of fronts to revitalise the County and that he will take part in the discussions that will help shape Herefordshire in the future. Herefordshire has been described as ‘The Forgotten County’ and this visit is part of a concerted effort to show that Herefordshire can have a fantastic future that harnesses our heritage and incorporates new opportunities in an innovative and dynamic way.

"Eric’s visit, coming so soon after the Prime Minister’s visit, shows that Herefordshire’s elected representatives are working closely together to make the County’s voice heard.”

 (Anthea and Eric with members of The Marches LEP)


Shropshire’s MEP, Anthea McIntyre, was the guest of North Shropshire Conservative Association at a Lunch held in Wem on 9th March.

Speaking to a large number of enthusiastic members and guests, Miss McIntyre spoke about her role as a West Midlands MEP and the work she is doing on behalf of local people.

Addressing the audience, Miss McIntyre said:

“My priority is to stop the creation of endless hurdles to job-creation and the imposition of regulations that would further hamper local small businesses from growing and creating new jobs for local people.

“All too often we see examples of proposals that would add disproportionately to the burdens on smaller businesses and which would have the effect of stopping innovation and enterprise.

“Our small business sector is crucial and, by its very nature, consists of thousands of individuals who have taken a risk to create employment for themselves and others – these entrepreneurs should be congratulated and encouraged rather than swamped with bureaucracy.”

MEP Anthea aims to inspire local businesses

Local MEP, Anthea McIntyre, believes that local businesses hold the key to local prosperity and is working to help them in a number of ways.

(Photo shows Tim Kidson with Anthea and members of the Herefordshire Conservative Business Forum)

On Friday, 27 April, she arranged for around 40 local businesses to hear from Tim Kidson, the nationally renowned expert in transforming executive performance.


Mr Kidson frequently addresses business audiences such as the Academy for Chief Executives, the Institute of Directors and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and uses a number of lessons developed from real-life examples that the audience can immediately learn and apply to their own enterprises.

Commenting on the presentation, Miss McIntyre said: “Too often we get caught-up in the day-to-day running of our businesses and fail to see ways in which we could improve our performance.

“Tim’s presentation gave a number of local entrepreneurs and business executives a fresh perspective and some inspirational ideas which might help them develop their business and, in time, allow for the creation of new jobs.

“Running a business is never easy and it is especially difficult in the current economic climate. Any technique that helps to encourage and inspire fresh thinking and which has proven results is worth exploring and I am delighted to have been able to arrange this event.”



MEP Anthea supports Balwant Singh

Local Conservative MEP, Anthea McIntyre, has written to the Indian Ambassador to the European Parliament in Brussels, Dr Jaimini Bhagwati, calling for the Indian Government to remove the threat of the death penalty from Balwant Singh.

“It is the longstanding policy of Her Majesty's Government to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle.To this end, the UK has long been at the forefront of efforts within the EU and wider international community to maintain political pressure on countries that use the death penalty, and to urge countries to adhere to their human rights obligations. With regards to India and other Commonwealth member states, HMG regularly raises the abolition of the death penalty at both official and ministerial level.” Miss McIntyre said.

“I should also like to draw to your attention my membership of the India Delegation within the European Parliament. The Delegation has raised the issue of human rights in India with the European External Action Service, and as a result of these discussions it was agreed that human rights should form a consistent part of the European Union's dialogue with the Indian Government.

“In short, we oppose the death penalty and fully support calls for abolition being raised in the EU's political dialogues with a wide range of countries including India. We also support the EU in raising individual cases around the world.”

Miss McIntyre sent a representative to the peaceful demonstration that took place last week in Brussels who presented copies of her letter to the Indian Ambassador and showed support to the members of the demonstration.

MEP Anthea condemns latest EU power-grab plan


Local MEP Anthea McIntyre has condemned an attempted power-grab by the EU which would potentially allow people who have never worked in this country to claim welfare and retirement benefits.


The plan is presented as a simplification of administrative arrangements between countries but could actually allow the EU to take control of decisions over Britain’s benefits system.

It is proposed that citizens of Turkey, which is hoping to join the EU, should be given access to the social security systems of current members and the move would “permit Turkey to align its policies on social security co-ordination with those of the EU in preparation for future accession”.

An angry Miss McIntyre said:

“This is an attempt to use powers that are intended to cover arrangements between existing members of the EU to bring forward a scheme covering countries that are not yet members and is totally unacceptable.

“I will be working closely with Employment Minister, Chris Grayling MP, to stop this attempt by the EU to interfere with our benefits system.

“Rather than try to grab additional powers, the EU should focus on cutting its costs and removing the excessive burdens it imposes on businesses. We need to allow enterprise to flourish to create new jobs.”