The Conservatives in Europe have been boosted by the decision of a  second senior UKIP MEP to join them. Marta Andreasen follows UKIP’s former deputy leader, David Campbell Bannerman, in crossing the floor to join the Conservatives.

Welcoming Marta’s decision, West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre said “It is interesting that two senior members of UKIP, individuals who have been at the heart of that Party, have decided that the Conservatives offer the best way to bring about real change in our relationship with the European Union.

“I am sure that Marta’s move, coupled with David Cameron’s explicit commitment to an In/Out  Referendum, will strengthen his hand when he negotiates with our European partners on a fresh future for the EU.

“I know that many people who agree with me and my colleagues that the EU as it is today simply isn’t working in the UK’s best interests have been attracted to UKIP but the fact that their former deputy leader and one of their few high-profile MEPs have rejected UKIP should give pause for further thought.

“And let us not forget that one of the MEPs elected for the West Midlands under their banner has also left them to sit as an Independent – there is something seriously wrong with a party that loses a third of its members in less than four years.”