New UK jobs figures show "progress on all fronts", says the Conservative Party's employment spokesman in Brussels.

Anthea McIntyre pointed to falling unemployment in tandem with rising wages as clear evidence that government policies were transforming Britain's jobs landscape.

Welcoming the latest employment statistics Miss McIntyre, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, said: "We have let entrepreneurs and innovators get on with what comes naturally and that has produced a climate where jobs are created, work is worthwhile and the nation gets busy.

"It is particularly heartening that employment among the younger, disabled and ethnic minority workforce is increasing along with the rest. This jobs revival is something no Labour government has ever produced - and its benefits are being felt right across society.

"People have the dignity of work, that work is putting more money in their wage packets and our tax reforms are sending more of that cash straight to their pockets.

"Wherever you look things are moving in the right direction. Our opponents can criticise all they like but the figures don't lie."