For the first time in its 56-year history, the EU budget has been cut as a direct result of the stance taken by the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

“Cutting the EU budget by around 3% is a significant step forward and proves that Conservatives in Westminster and Brussels are delivering  for the people of the UK,” said West Midlands MEP, Anthea McIntyre.

“The budget cut of Euro 80 bn equates to around £125 for every person in the EU and was secured despite the demands of the Commission and various other countries who wanted an increase in European spending.

“The cut also proves that Nick Clegg’s  claim that we had ‘absolutely no hope’ of a reduction was simply wrong and that the Conservatives are providing an effective voice for our country.

“I am, of course, disappointed that the total British contribution to the EU will go up, thanks to the reckless way Mr Blair gave away part of our rebate.  Mr Cameron quite rightly refused to give up more of our rebate, though he was under pressure to do so.”