West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre today welcomed the unveiling of a groundbreaking hydrogen-powered railway train which has been developed in her region.

Miss McIntyre, Conservative spokesman on  employment in the European Parliament, hailed the launch as "a key pointer to our greener future".

She spoke as the train, called the Hydrogen Hero, was unveiled by Birmingham University's Birmingham Centre for Rail Research and Education (BCRRE).

The UK’s first fully operating hydrogen train was on show at Rail Live 2019 at Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire,  an annual event showcasing UK rail expertise.

Miss McIntyre said: "Hydrogen fuel cell technology means that potentially carbon-free trains can replace diesel on our lines without electrification.

"It creates electricity from oxygen in the air and the only by-product is water.

"The train on show was a scaled down version but I understand the design is ready right now to develop for full-size, full-scale production."

"This is a key pointer to how our transport can be cleaner and greener...and I am so proud that it has been developed and showcased right here in the West Midlands. This is a place where cutting edge science works alongside manufacturing know-how and that is a powerful combination."