New UK jobs figures show "progress on all fronts", says the Conservative Party's employment spokesman in Brussels.

Anthea McIntyre pointed to falling unemployment in tandem with rising wages as clear evidence that government policies were transforming Britain's jobs landscape.

Welcoming the latest employment statistics Miss McIntyre, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, said: "We have let entrepreneurs and innovators get on with what comes naturally and that has produced a climate where jobs are created, work is worthwhile and the nation gets busy.

"It is particularly heartening that employment among the younger, disabled and ethnic minority workforce is increasing along with the rest. This jobs revival is something no Labour government has ever produced - and its benefits are being felt right across society.

"People have the dignity of work, that work is putting more money in their wage packets and our tax reforms are sending more of that cash straight to their pockets.

"Wherever you look things are moving in the right direction. Our opponents can criticise all they like but the figures don't lie."





Anthea McIntyre MEP has welcomed the announcement that a string of West Midlands companies have been honoured as part of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

They are among more than 200 selected nationally for their entrepreneurship and Miss McIntyre, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, hailed them as an example of Staffordshire's entrepreneurial spirit.

The companies are Prometheus Medical, Semantics 21, Spectra Group, Synectics Solutions, Thorax Lighting and Warwick Music, which were honoured for innovation; and Allett, Aviation News, C Brandauer & Co, John Martin Design Associates, Leeson Polyurethanes, Proto Labs, REPL Group Worldwide, Seada Technology, The Helping Hand Company, The Lawton Tube Co which won awards for international trade.

Three-quarters of this year’s winners are small or medium-sized businesses. Miss McIntyre, Conservative employment in the European Parliament, said: "This demonstrates that the UK is one of the best places in the world to start and grow a business."

This was down to the environment created by the Conservative Government and its modern Industrial Strategy which enhanced support already provided, she said.

The winners will receive their awards at a Buckingham Palace reception, where their contribution to the UK economy will be celebrated. These awards recognise businesses for their contribution in four categories, with winners including:

129 International Trade winners
61 Innovation winners 
6 Sustainable Development winners 
5 Promoting Opportunity winners

Miss McIntyre said: “I am delighted these wonderful companies have been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen with such prestigious awards. 

“They are a proud example of our region, making a huge contribution not just to the West Midlands region, but as an innovative and talented businesses to our growing economy as a whole.

“The Conservatives are working hard to create the best possible environment to start and grow businesses, and I’m delighted that these businesses are recognised for their hard work.”


West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre has launched a scathing attack on a proposed directive on "Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions" which she says is rushed through and will unfairly hit small businesses and the self-employed.

Miss McIntyre, Conservative employment spokesman in the European Parliament, said the measures - already agreed in three-way negotiations between the EU Council, Commission and Parliament, would not bring any real benefit to workers  but would have damaging consequences for small b businesses especially.

In condemning the report by Spanish MEP Calvet Chambon, from Alliance of Liberal Democrats in Europe,  she said: "Throughout my time here in the Parliament and in the Employment Committee I have championed better regulation.

"And this is not better regulation. It is a mad rush to conclude legislation at any cost, so we have abandoned our commitment to the Parliament text on this directive."

Miss McIntyre, who this week received an award from the European Taxpayers Association for her parliamentary work to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), said the proposed directive was particularly unfair because it allowed exceptions for state employers.

Speaking in Strasbourg, she said: "This will allow governments and civil services to exempt themselves from the very rules they will be compelling small business to follow."

"This is scandalous hypocrisy through unfair preference, unfair treatment, unfair competition. In ordinary language, a stitch up."


International artist Salma Zulfiqar outlined her work among immigrant and refugee communities at a meeting of campaigners against hate crime.

Members of the campaign group West Midlands Together heard how her workshops used artworks and installations to promote harmony and integration.

Hailing from Smethwick, Birmingham, she worked for the United Nations Organisation with female refugees in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Sudan before setting up the Migration Project back in Birmingham.

She said: "Art has an important role to play in promoting peace as it helps  women open up to discuss things they never have before. Religion does not come into it and I have no political affiliations - it's about people feeling comfortable and having a frank conversation."

Anthea McIntyre, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands and founder of West Midlands Together, said: "It was fascinating to hear how Salma uses her artistic talent and creativity to engage with women who might otherwise feel isolated.

"The art work provides the perfect safe space for people to start to reach out beyond their immediate families and community.

"The goals of Salma's Migration Project chime perfectly with our own and I hope we can continue to work together."

West Midlands Together was founded by Miss McIntyre and her Labour colleague Neena Gill as a cross-party initiative following a spike in hate crime after the 2016 referendum.

West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre today welcomed the unveiling of a groundbreaking hydrogen-powered railway train which has been developed in her region.

Miss McIntyre, Conservative spokesman on  employment in the European Parliament, hailed the launch as "a key pointer to our greener future".

She spoke as the train, called the Hydrogen Hero, was unveiled by Birmingham University's Birmingham Centre for Rail Research and Education (BCRRE).

The UK’s first fully operating hydrogen train was on show at Rail Live 2019 at Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire,  an annual event showcasing UK rail expertise.

Miss McIntyre said: "Hydrogen fuel cell technology means that potentially carbon-free trains can replace diesel on our lines without electrification.

"It creates electricity from oxygen in the air and the only by-product is water.

"The train on show was a scaled down version but I understand the design is ready right now to develop for full-size, full-scale production."

"This is a key pointer to how our transport can be cleaner and greener...and I am so proud that it has been developed and showcased right here in the West Midlands. This is a place where cutting edge science works alongside manufacturing know-how and that is a powerful combination."